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We are located at the Crossroads Common Plaza on 1 Chace Rd. unit#9 in East Freetown, Ma! Off 140 exit 8. Please come visit and train with us. Plenty of parking space! For more info call 508-542-9437


 Chief Instructor John Araujo Shihan holds a 6th Degree Black Belt in Aikido, he is also the Founder and President of the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation and is the State & New England Aikido Representative for the International Independent Martial Artists Association. He has over 35 years martial arts experience and began his Martial Art career in 1979 at age 7 through Master John Almeida (Hanshi) 8th dan, Shotokan Karate Style with whom he studied for 10 plus years.

At the age of 17 he was introduced to the Martial Art of Aikido, where he went on to train under Jack Leonardo Sensei at the New Bedford Aikikai, who was a student of Kanai Sensei, Koichi Tohei, and Yamada Sensei. After Leonardo Sensei's passing Araujo Shihan joined Aikido Wellness Center in Dartmouth Ma. under Don Cardoza Sensei for several years. Among Araujo Shihan's time training at New Bedford Aikikai he enjoyed instruction from high rank instructors from Japan and the U.S. In early 2000 Araujo Shihan attended a Tenshin Aikido Seminar in Florida. Araujo Shihan trained for several years in Tenshin Aikido until when he realized he had obtained all the knowledge availible to him from his former Shihan. Resigning from his former Shihan, the Aikikai and the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai, Araujo Shihan started a new chapter in his Tenshin Aikido career. With the Tenshin Aikido of Haruo Matsuoka Sensei, Santos Sensei, Elliot Freeman Sensei and Craig Dunn Sensei, Araujo Shihan began to spread Steven Seagal's Shihan style of Aikido.

Araujo Shihan also has experience in Judo, Daito-ryu Aikijutsu,Tactical Law Enforcement training, Finger locks, Pressure points, Lethal and non-lethal force, and Weapons training. Araujo Shihan is an inspiring teacher and and holds a deep passion for the power of Aikido. While Aikido is often refered to as a light art, Araujo Shihan has unlocked technique with tremendous power. His unique approach can add power and directness to any technique.

Today Araujo Shihan and travels throughout the country teaching and sharing his Tenshin Aikido. No only is Araujo Shihan a member of the I.I.M.A.A, I.M.A.F. & several other martial arts organizations, he is a technical Aikido advisor and representative for the International Independent Martial Artists Association.

In Araujo Shihan's private time he enjoys quality time with his wife and family.

Aikido of Bristol County is also known as Bushido Tenshin Dojo.
 Bushido in Bushido Tenshin Dojo means "Way of the Warrior" Araujo Sensei opened the first Tenshin Aikido Dojo in Bristol County, Ma and New England. While in his home state of Massachusetts he continues his training and seminars all over the world and passing his knowledge through safe practice, and brings Aikido to Bristol County.


                        Instructor Mark Dufresne

Mark Dufresne Shihan (Roku-Dan 6th Degree Black Belt) has studied Aikido since 1974 with multiple instructors, both on the east and west coast.

He received his black belt from the 2nd Doshu
Kisshomaru Ueshiba the son of O'Sensei and founder of Aikido in the early 1980's as seen below in the rare black & white photo.

                     Mark Dufresne receives his Dan Rank from 2nd Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba

He received his Roku-Dan 6th Degree Black Belt and his Shidoin title from John Araujo Sensei of Aikido Of Bristol County.

Mark studied with high rank instructors from Japan and the United States such as, Kanai Sensei, Unno Sensei,
Kensho Furuya Sensei, Takahashi Sensei, Juba Nour Sensei, J. Leonardo Sensei as well as many others.

                                                 Mark Dufresne w/ Kensho Furuya Sensei

He taught Aikido at the University of Mass Amherst and other dojo's throughout the years. He also owned and was the President of his Dojo Aikido Of New Bedford.

                                                               Mark Dufresne w/ uke Juba Nour Sensei

Mark believes all Aikido comes from O'Sensei no matter the style it came into being through the wisdom and teachings of Morihei Ueshiba
the founder of Aikido.

When not studying Aikido he enjoys the solitude of his cabin in the mountains of Maine and traveling through the southwest . He's also an avid artist who does paintings, stained glass, ceramics & wood burnishing.

He has done many portraits of O'Sensei of which one was owned by Kanai Sensei as well as a piece of Raku pottery.


                        Instructor Russell R. Kriehn Sr.

Russell Kriehn Fukushidoin (2nd Degree Black Belt) received his black belt from Araujo Sensei in 2013. Since beginning aikido, he has maintained a dedicated and consistent practice. In addition Russell has also experience in Judo, Kenpo, Boxing and weight training. Russell was also champion in Wrestling throughout High School. Russell has had the opportunity to travel to many seminars to expand his Aikido. He is committed to his own development as a martial artist, and is equally dedicated to the development of his fellow dojo students.

Russell is the founder of a successful Electric company. He uses aikido principles to improve his business, and structures his business to provide him with a work / life balance that allows him to pursue his path as a martial artist. When at home he enjoys family time. Other interests include outdoor and nature activities, relaxing as much as he can at his family's lake house, rides on his snowmobile and working on his monster trucks.

                                  Asst. Instructor Darren Wilson

Darren Wilson received his 1st degree black belt (Shodan) under Araujo Sensei.

He began his aikido training at Aikido Of Bristol County under Araujo Sensei,

Initially, Darren was motivated to begin his training after watching his son training in Aikido also at Aikido Of Bristol County and as a way of improving physical fitness and mental discipline. However, aikido soon took on a much greater significance in Darren's life. Darren not only trains consistently he travel's to seminar's with sensei when time permits.

Darren oversees the Kids training and is a mentor & motivator to all members, in addition to serving as a dojo asst. instructor.

On Darren's free time he enjoy being and spending time with his wife. son & daughter and enjoys his outdoor activities.


Asst. Instructor & General Manager Joshua Hatcher

Joshua Hatcher received his 1st degree black belt (Shodan) under Araujo Sensei.

Joshua met Sensei John Araujo on June 1st 2013 at an open Friendship Seminar and by Christmas time had moved to New Bedford MA to study Tenshin Aikido full time as the first soto-deshi student.

Hatcher began martial arts training as a child from a family friend visiting from Japan who taught kenjutsu/iaijutsu (swordsmanship) and karate/kickboxing.

Hatcher later enlisted in the US Navy, travelled extensively, and holds Yudansha ranks in Wado-ryu Karate, Bujinkan Ninjutsu, and Eishin-ryu Iaijutsu.

Josh oversees the Kids training and is a mentor & motivator to all members, in addition to serving as a dojo ueshi deshi asst. instructor and managing operations.

Hatcher is also an amateur musician and runs a non-profit scholarship fund for Ovarian Cancer Awareness and Women's Gynecological Health with the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition.

                        Asst. Instructor Guido Medeiros
Guido Medeiros received his 1st degree black belt (Shodan) under Araujo Sensei.

Guido was always interested in martial arts, In 1974 after watching an Aikido class by Jack Leonardo Sensei at the New Bedford Aikikai, inspiration struck and Guido decided to try Aikido. After the first class Guido was addicted and started his Aikido journey.

In 1977 having a busy life with school, work and famliy Guido had to take a leaving from the dojo. Then in 2009 Guido found Aikido Of Bristol County and meet John Araujo Sensei. After watching a class Guido was hooked and became a member and a direct student of Araujo Sensei. In addition Guido has rank and experiance in Goju Ryu Karate.

Guido remains focused on polishing his technical capabilities, but also leverages his training to gain a greater sense of awareness of himself and others.

Guido enjoy's bicycling, running, dancing and carpentry.




       Brandon Needham Vice President of the B.T.F

Brandon Needham Shidoin Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) Chief Instructor of Tri-City Tenshin Aikido of Richalnd, Washington has been doing Aikido for over 20 years. 

Sensei Needham has trained with several high rank Aikido instructors including Bernie Lau Sensei, Frank Ani Sensei, Jim Eggleston Sensei and Isoyama Shihan.
In 2002 while training at the Washington Aiki Dojo he attended a Tenshin Aikido seminar which was his first hands on introduction to Sensei Steven Seagals method of Aikido.

After several years of studying Tenshin Aikido Sensei Needham moved to Eastern Washington, He opened his first Tenshin Aikido Dojo and began teaching Aikido in the Tri-City, Washington State area as part of the Washington Aiki Association.

In 2014 Needham Sensei was accepted into the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation and is now a direct student of John Araujo Sensei. 

In 2015 Needham Sensei became the Vice President of the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation

Needham Sensei not only enjoys his full time work as a Law Enforcement Officer but enjoys all his quality with his family. 

Needham Sensei oversees his young adult’s training and is a mentor & motivator to all members, in addition to serving as the head instructor and managing operations.


           (As of 2012 Michael currently resides in Livermore, California)

Michael Rosa Sensei was a General Manager and Instructor up until he moved to California in 2012.  Rosa Sensei
(Nidan 2nd Degree Black Belt) now Chief Instructor of Aikido Of Alameda County in California was originally motivated to begin his training because of his interest in Japanese culture and martial arts. Little did he know at the time it would start a journey which would become much more than another hobby, but an integral part of his life. Rosa Sensei at a young age started his study of Shotokan Karate, Judo, & Jujitsu with Bill Aguiar Sensei in Fall River, Ma. In 1995 Michael began Aikido under Jack Leonardo Sensei at the New Bedford Aikikai, shortly after Leonardo’s Sensei’s death he continued his training with Don Cardoza Sensei at the Aikido Wellness Resource Center North Dartmouth, Ma.  Michael then joined John Araujo Sensei at Aikido Of Bristol County in 2005, there he went through a minimal of 1,500 hours of extensive training and became a full instructor. In addition to his direct teachers, Michael has also had the opportunity to travel to many seminars and experience the Aikido instruction of some of the art’s highest ranking teachers from Japan and the U.S. After over 25 years of martial arts Michael’s Aikido training continues to provide never ending avenues for discovery and growth, both as an Aikido practitioner and as a member of society. 



Max Rozenberg Shidoin (4th Degree Black Belt) Former Chief Instructor of the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Dojo of Los Angeles, California. Now Chief Instructor of the Internantional Bushido Tenshin Aikido Dojo of Moscow, Russia. Born May 18, 1976 in Russia. Rozenberg Sensei started martial arts as a young boy in mid 80's.

His first martial arts which he experienced with was the art of Taekwondo Karate which he received a 1st degree brown belt until he decided to try another martial art which came to be Aikido.

In the early 90's he began studying Aikido extensively throughout Russia.

In 2006 Rozenberg Sensei was ask to start teaching and began organizing seminars for other Instructor from other parts of the country and instructing in the biggest Aikido club's in Moscow and the Moscow region. 

Because of Rozenberg's Sensei success  in organizing and instructing Aikido classes he was repeatedly invited to various Aikido events by high rank instructors from all over the world as the guest of honor.

In 2014 Rozenberg Sensei decided to join the Bushido Tenshin Federation under John Araujo Sensei. Rozenberg Sensei then left Russia and moved to Los Angeles, California to share and pass down his knowledge of Tenshin Aikido.


Sergey Konshin (2nd Degree Black Belt) Asst. Instructor of the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Dojo of Moscow, Russia. Born in Safonovo October, 19 1986

Started aikido in 2008, and throughout his training he attended seminars and workshops of some great masters of Aikido including C. Tissier, N.Vural, S. Endo, L. Reynosa and many others.

Then in 2010 he went to study under Max Rosenberg Sensei in Moscow, Russia.

Since March 23, 2013 Konshin Sensei has attended and has been ask to be a guest instructor and participates in Kiev Ukrainian festival of Aikido. He once again was ask be a head guest instructor in September, 22 2013 of the 4th Festival of Aikido in the Moscow region and contiues to spread powerful practical Aikido throughout Russia.

Konshin Sensei joined the Bushido Tenshin Federation under John Araujo Sensei. Konshin Sensei continues to motivate his students and pass down Aikido in his home city of Moscow, Russia.



                                    AIKIDO OF BRISTOL COUNTY
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