An Official Tenshin Dojo
 Please come visit us at our Location! at the,
 HOWLAND PLACE at 304 Bolton St. 4th floor in New Bedford!) Largest Aikido Dojo Space in the area and Plenty of parking space!



Aikido Of Bristol County
 is a Tenshin Aikido Dojo offering a practical and unique style of Aikido....

  Aikido of Bristol County
provides students with unparalleled instruction in the Japanese Martial Art of self-defense called Aikido by providing positive stress and challenge for students and teachers to reach their full potential, physical and mental, also to provide powerful methods for protecting ourselves from the disadvantages both inherited and adopted by our society. Observing and promoting the ideals and traditions of Aikido under the direction of John Araujo Sensei, Providing a safe and relaxed atmosphere for new and experienced students to learn and grow.

Teaching a solid foundation of Basic Movements and Basic Techniques which serve as the foundation for the students' continued growth and learning at much higher levels, To develop discipline, self-confidence, self-control, self-reliance to protect their selves and love ones. Providing an inner strength to develop a healthy body, mind and natural reflexes. Fostering an open-minded environment and offering a variety of programs to broaden the understanding of Martial Arts in general.

Classes at Aikido Of Bristol County are conducted in a friendly yet traditional atmosphere. Students learn correct etiquette in conjunction with their physical training.Through earnest, realistic and sincere training, the students of Aikido Of Bristol County will learn the true meaning of Aikido.

   We are looking to add morning class starting this November!
Morning classes will be from 8am - 9am with Inst Mark Dufresne
  If anyone is interested in morning training please RSVP SOON!
     Also we will be adding Friday and Sunday evening classes! 
               If anyone is interested please call and RSVP
Aikido Of Bristol County will be running a 7 day a week schedule!
                Again please call or email for more info!!

Monday 5:30pm - 630pm (Weapons)  6:30pm - 7:30pm   (Aikido)
Tuesday 5:45 - 6:15 (Misogi - meditation) 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Aikido)
Wednesday 5:30pm - 6:30pm (Weapons)  6:30pm - 8:00pm  (Aikido)
Thursday 5:45 - 6:15 (Misogi - meditation) 6:30pm - 7:30pm (Aikido)

Saturday 9:00am - 11:00am (Aikido)  11:00am - 12:00pm

 (Military, All Law Enforcement, Fire Depts, & College Student Discount)

                              WHY CHOOSE AIKIDO OF BRISTOL COUNTY?

~ Classes 5 days a week
                                        train as often as you want

                                    ~ Instructors dedicated to your success
~ Largest Aikido School in Area
                                    ~ Student and  family plans
~ Weapons training

John Araujo Sensei is the founder of his own organization/federation Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation and Currently organized under an independent martial arts federation. This dojo maintains an open door policy and everyone is welcome to train with us. We are an independent dojo and we're not affiliated to any US based Aikido organizations. Aikido was created by Ueshiba Morihei. He is the father of Aikido. We all have different teachers but we all share the same father. As such we are all brother and sisters in aikido. By maintaining our independence, this gives us the ability to attend and seminar, workshop, or special camp of any aikido organization. Organizations tend to stifle it's members; Like if you're part of 123 Aikido Organization you cannot attend ABC Aikido Organization's. For more info on the Bushido Tenshin Aikido Federation

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The Howland Place
304 Bolton St. 4th FL
Suite 401
Mailing Address: 651 Orchard St.
Suite 401
New Bedford, Ma 02744

(508) 542-9437

Upcoming Schedule of Events/Seminars...

                                (Tenshin Seminar's 2014)


By popular demand Live Blade Cuttting Seminar coming soon! Keep looking for updates..


                   Tenshin Aikido & Weapons Seminar!
                  Sept 13, 2014 Here in New Bedford, Ma
                          At Aikido Of Bristol County
                         304 Bolton St. New Bedford

Greg Sinclair Sensei 5th Dan of Bushikan Aikido Dojo & John Araujo Sensei 6th dan of Aikido Of Bristol County will be conducting a seminar right here at Headquaters Aikido Of Bristol County, 

On Sept 13, 2014. Saturday Time: 12p - 2p & 3p - 5p  

Seminar fee $45 for Bushido Tenshin Federation memerbs & $65 for Non-Members.

Please RSVP!

Contact Sensei for more info!



  3rd Annual 2014 Summer Tenshin Aikido Seminar in IL!

Aikido Summer Seminar in Centralia,IL

                     HOSTING JOHN ARAUJO SENSEI

John Araujo Sensei will be conducting a seminar at Aiki Shin Tai Dojo one of his affiliate dojo in Centralia, IL in Summer 2014. Testing will follow.

Contact Sensei for more info!


Summer 2015 Sensei John Araujo conducting a Tenshin Seminar in Brazil more info to come!

Please don't hesitate to call or email for more info!

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